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Internal Complaint Committee

Constitution of the Committee

as on May 24, 2024

The UGC has notified the University Grants Commission (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women employees and Students in Higher Education Institutions) Regulations 2015.

As per the Rule 4 of these Regulations, the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of NLU Delhi is as under:

Particulars Committee Members
A Presiding Officer: Woman Faculty Member, not below the rank of Professor

Prof. (Dr.) Ritu Gupta – Chairperson
Phone: 98183 45009
Email: [email protected]

Two Faculty Members who are committed to the cause of women or have experience in social work or have legal knowledge

Dr. Priya Rai – Member
Phone: 9210080257
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Mukul Raizada – Member
Phone: 9717988818
Email: [email protected]

Two Non-Teaching Employees, who are committed to the cause of women or have experience in social work or have legal knowledge

Ms. Neetika Vishwanath – Member
Phone: 7506498326
Email: [email protected]

Mr. S. C. Lather – Member
Phone: 9555490468
Email: [email protected]

Three Students: (only if the enquiry involves students)
Undergraduate – 1
Postgraduate – 1
Ph.D. – 1
(All these students should be elected through transparent democratic procedure.)

B.A.LL.B(UG) – Ms. Sanskriti Shivangi – Member
Phone: 8851649145
Email: [email protected]

LL.M. (PG) Student – Mr. Dhananjay Sherawat – Member
Phone: 8076105814
Email: [email protected]

Research Scholar (Ph.D.) – Ms. Atipriya Gautam – Member
Phone: 9919817067
Email: [email protected]

One Member from NGO or Association, committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment.

Dr. Upma Gautam –  Member
Phone: 9899053039
Email: [email protected]
Associate Professor University School of Law and Legal Studies Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University New Delhi

Online Complaints:

Complaints regarding sexual harassment against women can be made either in paper form or by online: [email protected]



Stage 1
Receipt of the complaint
  • Receive the receipt of complaints
  • Meet and talk to the complainant to discuss options of informal/formal resolution
  • Start informal/formal mechanism as chosen by complainant
  • Inform the respondent and ask for the responses
Stage 2
Planning carefully
  • Prepare the file
  • Consideration: Interim measures and support for the complainant
Stage 3
  • Prepare an interview plan: complainant, respondent and witness
  • Assess completeness of the information collected
Stage 4
Reasoning and Analysis
  • Analyze the gathered information
  • Create the timeline of events from information
  • Compare similarities/differences of statements form interviews
Stage 5
Finding & Recommendations
  • Conclude whether the complaint is upheld or not.
  • Recommendation: Where the Complaints Committee is unable to uphold the complaint, it shall recommend no action.
  • Where the Complaints Committee upholds the Complaint, it may recommend such action as stated within the relevant Policy or Service Rules, which may include a warning to terminate
Stage 6
Writing the report and submitting to the employer for further action
  • The Complaints Committee will prepare a final report.
  • Submit the file to the organization or District Officer for implementation of the recommendations and for safe keeping.

Timelines as per the Act

Submission of Complaint – Within 3 months of the last incident
Notice to the Respondent – Within 7 days of receiving copy of the complaint
Completion of Inquiry – Within 90 days
Submission of Report by ICC/LCC to employer/DO  – Within 10 days of completion of the inquiry
Implementation of Recommendations  – Within 60 days
Appeal  – Within 90 days of the recommendations