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International Exchange Programme

International Relations Office

National Law University Delhi has entered into collaborations with various Universities and Institutions around the world for—student exchange, faculty exchange, joint research, and organising conferences/workshops, lectures, and short courses. For facilitating this International exchange the University has a dedicated International Relations Office.

The office holds the following aims:

  • Conducting Student Exchange Programmes in tandem with the University’s MoUs, for both Graduate and Post-graduate programmes.
  • Organising academic activities for faculty which facilitate current research and exchange of ideas.
  • Creating the framework and coordination for academic arrangements of the student exchange programme.
  • Coordinating the administrative arrangements for student exchange programmes.

The official email of the International Relations office is: [email protected]

All mails should be marked and directed to the IRO mail ID or to the Office’s administrative assistant ([email protected]).

Admission Procedure

Introductory Programme

The Incoming Students will be given an introductory programmed upon their arrival to the campus. It will include a briefing on the rules on attendance, campus discipline, and examination.

They will further be provided contacts for food delivery and daily necessities. In addition a student buddy (A student from the final year batches) will be there to guide them through their life in the initial days at the campus.

Application Form

After the nomination from the partner university the application form will be directly mailed to its international office so that the admission process can be completed through the proper channel.


Students who will be on exchange to NLU Delhi are expected to apply for a visa from the Indian Embassy/Consulate in their home country. NLU Delhi will provide the necessary documentation to the student to facilitate the application.


Students on exchange to NLU Delhi are expected to arrange for requisite medical and travel insurance from the relevant insurance company. The University will not arrange for insurance for the students.

Academic System

The Academic Culture at NLUD is vibrant and stimulating. The objective is to combine a modern day curriculum with various activities aimed at facilitating simulated learning.


The University imparts instruction through lectures, seminars and tutorials. Study material is distributed for each course and forms the basis of class discussion and interactive learning so that students remain engaged. Moreover, there is constant dialogue in class on contemporary issues pertinent to the curriculum. Each course also includes a project assignment to develop research, analysis and writing skills.

Some courses are taught collaboratively so that the available expertise is optimally used and the education is interdisciplinary. Simulated settings such as courtroom exercises and mediations maximize participation and develop professional skills. The University also has the advantage of inviting sitting and retired judges from the Supreme Court and High Court, leading lawyers and academicians, and retired judicial officers, for lectures, seminars and discussions with students and faculty.

The University also involves students as an integral part of research projects that it undertakes. The diversity of projects ensures that students are exposed to a wide range of experiences relevant to understanding the role of law in society.

Student Accommodation

The University may provide accommodation to exchange students on campus, subject to availability. In the event thataccommodation is not available on the campus, students are expected to find their own accommodation. The University will, as far as feasible, help the students in finding suitable accommodation.

Students Speak

Exchange studies at Norway

By Bhav Ninder Singh & Ishaan Mishra

Exchange opportunity at the University of Bergen, Norway was ideal to satisfy our fascination for different and unique cultures. The opportunity of being an exchange student in Norway not only provided us with a chance to experience a completely new society at a general level, but also understand and learn from an education system that is different than one we have been part of throughout our lives.

Being a part of a different education system in Norway gave us a new perspective towards education, specifically legal education. Observations relating to different teaching styles, assessment systems, class interactions and course structures provides us with a completely new experience. In addition, the freedom to choose from a variety of different subjects that are specifically available to Exchange students in English at the University of Bergen provided us with an opportunity explore our fields of interest, especially if such courses were not available as part of our B.A. LL.B. course. The courses we took were International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law and International Civil Procedure. We chose our courses based on our interests and evaluation criteria.

One of the biggest take away from exchange to the University of Bergen was the formal and informal interactions we had with individuals from different nationalities and backgrounds. This experience brought a change in our perception of people from different parts of the wold. Bergen receives thousands of exchange student each year from all over the world. Many of the exchange students live in accommodations shared with other students on exchange, this makes it extremely easy to make friends as everyone is new to the place and are looking for companions. We made friends with a myriad of people and that helped increase our perspective of the world. It gives one a deeper understanding of how different yet similar the value systems of different countries are. We can surely say that we have made friends for life. Spain, Germany, England and Ukraine do not seem so foreign to us now.

To make the already smooth process of integration easier, the Norwegian society helps a lot. Respect is one of the core values of the Norwegian society and we saw it first-hand. Most of the people there know English, so as much as one thinks that language will be a barrier it’s not as difficult. Norwegian people may be shy or reserved in general but when you do get to make a Norwegian friend, it’s one that you value the most.

Moreover, the course structure of the University of Bergen for exchange student is set up in such a way so that they can travel around Europe and explore different cultures all over. It is a holistic learning experience in the sense that not only do you get to know of the Norwegian culture but also travel across Europe and explore the different settings offered by different countries. We travelled to Iceland, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw and Finland. Its not only as much as culture that one gets to experience but history and nature as well for instance taking the free tours in the cities we visited gave us a much clear picture of what went down in the world wars and how the cities in particular were impacted by the bloodshed. Our visit to Auschwitz was an opener, one can read a lot about these things but the impact of being there is on a whole different level. Travelling is a must, it is bound to change your life forever.
Exchange studies at Norway provide a unique and amazing opportunity for students to explore, and we cannot but highly recommend it. If you are still unsure of whether to seize this opportunity, remember: A ship is safest in the harbour, but that is not what ships are meant for.

Ishaan Mishra, Bhav Ninder Singh and Yashika Jain in Helsinki Cathedral, Finland

Ishaan Mishra, Bhav Ninder Singh and Yashika Jain in Voss, Norway

Examination Fees

Examination Fees: Rs. 3000/- per annum

Repeat/Improvement Examination Fee: Rs. 500/- per subject

Re-evaluation Fee: Rs. 500/- per subject

Issue of Duplicate Grade Sheet to Graduate Students: Rs. 1000/-

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