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Your Dost- Mental Health Workshop (November 8, 2023)

National Law University Delhi

YourDost Mental Health Workshop: Unearth Your Strengths Via Self-Discovery

8 November 2023

In the continued pursuit of working towards the well-being of its community, National Law University Delhi, along with the YourDost team, conducted a mental health workshop on the theme – Unearth Your Strengths Via Self Discovery on 8th November 2023 at the University campus, for NLU Delhi students.

The session was conducted by Ms. Priyanka Manchanda from the YourDost team. In the enriching session, Ms. Priyanka interacted with the students and carried out various psycho-educational activities that aided students in understanding themselves, their strengths, and their blind spots, which are aspects of one’s personality that one is not aware about.

The speaker and the students also shared their experiences related to the struggles and challenges in reaching a higher degree of self-awareness. The doubts of the participants were addressed and discussed by taking instances from their lived experiences.

The hour-long session helped the students in enhancing their self-awareness by using various self-discovery tools which help in discovering strategies to make one’s strengths visible to others and creating one’s own plan for personal development.

The workshop was conducted under the partnership agreement that NLU Delhi has with the Your Dost Team, to ensure the emotional well-being of the NLU Delhi community. The team, accordingly, offers online counseling services and workshops for NLU Delhi faculty, students and staff.

About the Speaker

Ms. Priyanka Manchanda is an Organizational Psychologist, with extensive experience in the areas of Learning and Development, and Emotional Wellness and has facilitated over 200 practical and engaging workshops. The session-Unearth Your Strengths Via Self Discovery-was aimed at fostering self-awareness, recognizing strengths and inculcating self-awareness mechanisms within oneself.