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Emotional Wellbeing Workshop (May 15, 2024)


During the exam season, students often experience higher levels of stress and pressure. To lift the spirits of students during this challenging time, NLUD collaborated with the Yourdost team under the aegis of IQAC to organize an on-campus initiative, focused on enhancing emotional well-being. This initiative aimed to provide students with the necessary support and resources to navigate the end-of-semester pressures and promote emotionally and psychologically healthy living. The initiative was held on 15th May 2024 in the cafeteria, a table was set up with two enriching and absorbing activities: The first activity was a music-based personality assessment called, Tune in to your ‘self’. It is based on the understanding that our music preferences can provide valuable insights into our personality. The participants selected their song preferences from a range of options, based on these answers they were helped in understanding themselves better on personality traits.

In the next activity called the Wheel of Happiness, the participants learned about the 4 neurotransmitters, letters, and their effects on our minds and bodies. This activity consisted of a wheel divided into multiple sections, each one representing a specific neurotransmitter such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin. By spinning the wheel, the participants arrived at a specific one and were asked to draw a card from the corresponding category deck.

Each card contained a prompt or activity-specific to the chosen neurotransmitter. For example, if the category was serotonin, participants would have to do on-the-spot jogging etc. For each activity completed/question answered participants will be awarded a point. Through this game, participants learned about the role each of these neurotransmitters plays and how one can manage them.

This session was conducted by:

Mr. Satyaki Bhattacharjee
Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Gauhati University laid the foundation for Mr. Satyaki’s journey into the intricate workings of the human mind. With an academic background in psychology, He embarked on a professional journey that seamlessly merged his creative inclination with a passion for the medical field. Having initially navigated the dynamic work experience in various industries, He discovered a profound interest in the medical segment. This revelation led him to the enriching realm of YourDOST, where he has dedicated the past year of his career.

Mr. Kamalalochan Patra
Mr. Kamalalochan is a BSc graduate from Ravenshaw University, Odisha. He is working at YourDOST as a Senior Customer Success Manager last year and has been with the organization creating happier communities. He is enthralled by the motive of the organization and also advocates for breaking the stigma associated with mental health. He worked in the Customer Support Analyst role at Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. and also worked with Startup Odisha, An initiative by the Government of Odisha. At YourDOST, he has been contributing to the B2B clientele, all around.