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Centre for Criminology and Victimology
National Law University Delhi

The National Law University Delhi has set up an exclusive centre for advanced research training, policy analysis and consultancy in the broader fields of criminal law, criminal justice and victimology.


The centre will have the following key objectives:
  1. Promoting research and action in this selected areas of criminal justice and victimology.
  2. To undertake specific research projects in the said areas.
  3. To propose training programmes to the various wings of criminal justice system including the stakeholders in the field of Juvenile justice.
  4. To analyse and critically examine the laws, policy and programmes from the stand point of victim protection, rehabilitation, participation and justice.
  5. To strive for providing a Victimlogical thrust in the legal education at graduate and under graduate level
  6. To organize students centric initiatives in the form of victim advocacy, legal clinic and outreach programme for extending victims support services
  7. To undertake publications and coordinate with various National and International agencies working in the broader areas of victimology and criminology.

Structure and Composition:-
Chief Patron Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh
Patron Prof. B. B. Pande
Chairperson Prof. (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai
Coordinator Mr. Neeraj Tiwari

Mr. MukulRaizada
Dr. Ritu Sharma
Mr. Neeraj Tiwari
Dr. Bharti Yadav
Mr. Iqbal Ahmad
Ms. Anju Puneet Singh
Mr. Sidharth Dahiya

Research Associate(s)

Ms. Pratibha Tandon

Ms. PratibhaTandon earned her B.Sc. from University of Delhi; LL.B. from ILS Law College, Pune and LL.M. from GGSIP University, Delhi. Her areas of interest include Criminal Law, corporate laws, competition law, international law, environmental law, and human rights. She has written on diverse fields and got her papers published in reputed journals. Her LL.M. dissertation was on the topic "A Critique on Bilateral Investment Treaties with Special reference to India".

Project Staff :
Ms. Medha Bhardwaj
Medha Bhardwaj successfully completed her LLB Hons. From University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) and further went ahead to pursue her LLM in ‘Transnational Criminal Justice’ from BPP University (London). Her areas of interest have always been focussed in the field of Criminology, Human Rights and crimes related to fraud and finances. Her dissertation for LLM was on “How to strike a balance between extradition and human rights?”. It focussed on the Human Rights Act 1998 and how the legislation can come into conflict when there is a need to extradite a criminal.

She has also interned under the supervision of various Senior Advocates in India, who have been proficiently renowned in the field of criminal law .

Student Fellow : Ms. Yashashvi Tripathi

Student’s members -


Ayushi Agrawal,

Arshdeep Singh

Neha Jha

Ipsita Pallavi Sahoo

Meghadarshini M S

Aaditya Arora

Nikhil Anand

Narayan Singh

Neeraj Nainani

Kumar Ritwik

Arpit Agarwal

Nidhi Khandelwal

Gowri Reghunath

Preetam Bharti

Surya Vasu,

Nitin Tyagi

Abhishek Kumar

Oshin Shah

Abhishek Anthwal


Aasavri Rai

Devagya Jha

Yashasvi Tripathi

Pranav Krishna

Madhulika Agarwal

Yusra Khan

Prarthna Sharma

Prashasthi Bhat

Harsh Arya

Kumar Raghav

Chandan Kumar

Siddharth Gautam




Current Projects - The centre has undertaken the following projects:-
  1. E-PGpathshala in Criminology -
    MHRD-UGC has entrusted a major project to Professor G.S. Bajpai as Principal Investigator to carry out e-PGpathshala in criminology which would consist of 15 papers and would entail as many as 500 modules. The same amount of videos of these subjects would also be prepared. Notably this is first of its kind project in the country covering the development of e-researchers and video-content for all the proposed which are taught in various institutions engaged in the PG teaching in the criminology. A team of more than 15 persons is likely to work for this project.
  2. Status of Crime Against Women & Gender Justice in Northern Regions of India (2015) -
    Entrusted as major project by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, this empirical study to be conducted on a sample of some one thousand five hundred respondents to assess the status of crime against women (CAW) in the northern regions of the country. The idea is to ascertain the prevalence of reported and unreported incidence of CAW in the selected regions. Further, the study also proposes to develop the profiles of victims and offenders based on their personal and behavioural traits. The factors responsible for this menace would be ascertained in this study in the context of societal, familial, cultural and legal perspectives. The peculiar combinations prone to cause criminality against women would be identified in a manner sot that the existing theoretical understanding on the subject could be invigorated. Besides, the lacunae in the existing laws, procedure, enforcement and functioning of the agencies primarily responsible to the control and prevention of CAW would be critically examined in the frame of ‘impact assessment’ so that effective recommendations and workable solutions applicable in the specific context of the problems could be offered. Prof. (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai is the Project Director for this study.
  3. Impact & Implementation of Juvenile Justice Act, 2000(2015) -
    Assigned as a major project by the University Grants Commission, this research is an impact study. It intends to make an assessment of the impact of the Juvenile Justice Act (Care & Protection), 2000 in chosen States. The investigation would attempt to study the issues and problems in the enforcement of this Act. The appraisal would be made on the basis of selected performance indicators so that an index of enforcement and performance could be evolved. This would give an idea about the relative enforcement of the Act in selected States. Prof. G.S. Bajpai is the Principal Investigator for this study.

The Training Programme Organized
  1. Vertical Interaction Course for IPS Officers from July 25-29, 2016
    The Centre for Criminology & Victimology at National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) organized a five days Vertical Interaction Course for IPS/Senior Police Officers from July 25-29, 2016 in collaboration with Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D). The program was inaugurated by Shri KirenRijiju, Hon’ble Union Minister of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. The event was graced by the presence of Prof.Dr. N. R. Madhava Menon, Dr. M.C. Borwankar, IPS (Director general, BPR&D), Prof.Dr.Ranbir Singh (Vice Chancellor NLUD). During the Course of the program 18 specialized lectures by specialized professionals were conducted.
  2. 2nd Vertical Interaction Course for IPS Officers from September 5-9, 2016
    The Centre for Criminology & Victimology at National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) organized a five days 2nd Vertical Interaction Course for IPS/Senior Police Officers during September 5-9, 2016 in collaboration with Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D). The program was inaugurated by Dr. M.C. Borwankar, IPS (Director general BPR&D), Prof.Dr.Ranbir Singh (Vice-Chancellor, NLUD) &Prof.Dr. G.S. Bajpai (Registrar & Course Director). During the course of the program 18 specialized lectures by specialized professionals were conducted. The resource persons for the sessions included some very senior authorities from academics and law enforcement agencies.
  3. Training programme for Police Officers and Lawyers on Handling women and girl victims of violence from September 19-21, 2016
    The centre organized a Gender Sensitization Training workshop in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University, U.K. from September 19-21, 2016. The focus of this training programme is to sensitize the various stakeholders such as Police Officers, Lawyers and organization that work with women and girl victims of violence with an aim to improve victim’s access to justice, rights of victims and the role that Police could play law to ameliorate the condition of victims.

Proposed Projects:-
  1. Organizing a workshop for drafting the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) minimum standards of rights, participation and services to the victims of crime
  2. Setting up of a victim advocacy clinic in the National Law University, Delhi.