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Centre for Tax Laws

Centre for Tax Laws was established in 2018 with the active support of Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh, Vice Chancellor of National Law University, Delhi with the objective of promoting research in taxation laws (direct and indirect taxes), both from academic perspective as also from practical standpoint.

The Centre has the following objectives:

  • To promote research in taxation laws. The Centre shall be organizing seminars on various contemporary issues related to taxation and economy, colloquiums on selected themes, undertake projects which may be helpful in preparing a suggestive module for formulation of fair tax policy.
  • To strengthen the understanding of the students and the teachers on taxation laws, for which the Centre shall be regularly organizing workshops and conduct courses on various segments of taxation laws, both direct as well as indirect.
  • To promote the interdisciplinary study of taxation laws along with other subjects such as sociology, economics, history, accountancy, business studies etc. by way of organizing conferences.
  • To focus on research on the comprehensive tax policy of India, so as to build a robust state development model of revenue collection.
  • To promote taxation laws as a subject and for this objective, the Centre shall make endeavours to publish regular annual Tax Journal on selected taxation themes, which shall be carried by way of dialogues among the other scholars. Certain other educational activities shall also be carried out.

Members of the Centre:
  1. Dr. Jasper Vikas, Executive Director
  2. Ms. Preeti Lakhera, Research Director
  3. Dr. Prem Chand, Member

Contact at
Email :
Mobile : +919818821498