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Centre for Comparative Law

The Centre for Comparative Law was approved by the University in early 2014 and was started in October 2014 after Professor M. P. Singh joined the University as Visiting Professor and Chair of the Centre. It took some time to consolidate the matters concerning the Centre as on joining Professor Singh had to organize quite a few things concerning LL.M teaching and examination in Comparative Public Law and later conducting of seminar course for LL.B and LL.M in Comparative Law. After the Vice-Chancellor communicated the guidelines laid down by the University on July 9, 2015, the Centre was organized on the lines of those guidelines after the beginning of academic session in August 2015.

The current constitution of the Centre is as follows:

CHAIRPERSON: Prof. (Dr). Mahendra Pal Singh


Mr. Akhilendra Pratap Singh (Research Associate, Law)
Ms. Raikamal Roy (Research Associate, Social Science)

Name Designation E-mail ID
Prof.(Dr.) M.P. Singh  Chairperson 
Dr. Niraj Kumar Research Director


The primary goal of the Centre is promotion of studies and research in comparative law both private as well as public. Accordingly the Centre conducts courses and seminars in comparative constitutional law and comparative legal systems. To enumerate the primary activities and goals of the Centre are as follows:

  1. To engage in the comparative study and teaching of public law with a focus on constitutional law as well as of the various legal traditions throughout the world.
  2. To undertake interdisciplinary studies and research to explore the nature of Indian legal system.
  3. To engage in promotion of comparative legal studies in India through class teachings, conferences, seminars and publications.
  4. To engage with scholars around the world involved and interested in the study of comparative law in order to achieve a first-hand information from them regarding the working of their legal systems. This is done through teaching, seminars and conferences and publication of yearbook and research projects such as the current one on exploration of the Indian legal system.
  5. The Centre has a special focus upon the Comparative study of Constitutions and legal systems of the countries forming part of the South Asian region. This is done in pursuance of the fact that most of these countries have developed from a similar socio-cultural as well as legal background.


Currently, besides teaching the compulsory course in Comparative Public Law to LL.M and an optional seminar course in Comparative Law to LL.B and LL.M students, the Centre is pursuing the following activities:

  1. Exploration of the nature of the Indian Legal System currently supported by Schulze-Fielitz-Stiftung, Berlin, Germany. A request for support is also pending with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn, Germany.
  2. Publication of the Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law which OUP has agreed to publish from 2016 onwards. Preparations for the publication of the first issue of the Yearbook are in final stages.
  3. Under an MoU between NLU Delhi and the Naples University II the Centre also collaborated in conducting a summer course in comparative law from 3 to 7 September at Naples, Italy. Professor M.P. Singh and a PhD student participated in the course. The course is to be organized alternatively by the University of Naples II and NLU Delhi every year.


Centre for Comparative Law, National Law University Delhi, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078.