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Vision and Mission

The Centre aims to study and conduct research on the distribution and rationalisation of power among various functionaries with special emphasis on the investigation process, prosecution process and trial process including sentencing process. Besides exploring the interplay of various functionaries with different criminal processes, the Centre will also study the interaction among various functionaries as well.

The Centre would work with a vision that would endeavour to situate the Criminal Justice System (Criminal law, legal procedures, and roles of legal actors) itself as a social force that enhances social justice. The Centre would concentrate, in consonance to the new emerging understanding, on the studies in Criminal Justice Administration that would have positive impact on emotional life, psychological well-being and community bonding. Many developed democracies are paying significant attention on the notion of criminal justice as a public health issue that includes mental health and social health.

The Centre will primarily engage in empirical research, discussions and publication on criminal laws, its processes and criminal justice administration. This centre will take an inter-disciplinary and comparative approach to the study of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and related research that are of pressing local, national and international significance. The centre will endeavour for development, advancement and exchange of knowledge, will build and enhance capacities through a strong focus on effective knowledge transfer and advocacy for policy and law reform.


The Centre will be having the following objectives for enhancing the scholarship in Criminal Justice Administration:

  1. To strive for excellence through quality research and provide law reform advice, preparation of responses to Government legislative proposals, Law Commission consultation papers and policy evaluation.
  2. To provide consultative services to Government, Institutions and Organizations on issues related to Criminal Justice Administration and facilitating close interaction with the ministries and national organizations working for formation and implementation of policy.
  3. Publication of Books, Journal on Criminal Justice Administration and updated newsletter, handouts etc. on best practices adopted by functionaries of Criminal Justice Administration as per International standards.
  4. To have periodic discourse and deliberations on Criminal Justice Administration and Justice Policies, issues and challenges through workshops, conferences, seminars, Colloquiums with different experts in the field.
  5. Promoting the study of Criminal Justice Administration at graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. Enhancing student’s capacities and understanding in this area by designing the courses and organizing Summer and Winter schools, Credit courses, Certificate courses, Diploma online and distance mode programs.
  6. To organize regular panel discussions and guest lectures on contemporary issues of Criminal Justice Administration.
  7. To develop a network of faculties and professionals within the country and across the globe and establish co-operation with universities/faculties having special interests and are working on the similar mandated objectives, with a view to developing programmes for visits, faculty exchanges and collaborative research.
  8. Enhancing teacher’s capacities and critical understanding of the contemporary issues in Criminal Justice Administration by organizing Faculty Development Programmes, orientations and training workshops.
  9. Any other assignment that will enhance the legal awareness among the public about Criminal Justice Administration and thus promote psychological well-being, community bonding and quality of life.


Chief Patron:
Prof. (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai
Vice Chancellor
NLU, Delhi

Director/ Co-Director:
Dr. Mukul Raizada, Associate Professor of Law, NLU Delhi
Mr. Neeraj Tiwari, Assistant Professor of Law, NLU Delhi

Any queries regarding the research projects of the centre may be addressed to Centre for Criminal Justice Administration and Human Rights (CCJAHR) National Law University, Delhi