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One-day Seminar on “Gender Sensitization” under the Aegis of IQAC, NLUD (November 26, 2019)


One-day Seminar on “Gender Sensitization” under the aegis of IQAC, NLUD


National Law University Delhi had conducted a One-day Seminar on “Gender Sensitization” under the Aegis of IQAC, NLUD on 29th November 2019, at Academic Block, Room No. 506, NLUD from 2.30-5.00 PM. The programme was particularly designed to create awareness and discuss on the issues of sensitization on gender equality and sexual harassment at the workplace. 



The programme started with the welcome address by Dr. Priya Rai, Coordinator, IQAC, NLUD. She mentioned that NLUD is committed to creating and maintaining gender sensitive environment for all the stockholders of University.

Professor G. S. Bajpai, Registrar and Director, IQAC, NLUD, focussed on preventive mechanisms to be in place in order to avoid incidents of sexual harassment at workplace. He further stated that for prevention, sensitization on these issues becomes extremely important. Universities should conduc internal audits on their preventive mechanisms regularly and compliance be mandatorily thereof.



Dr. Sushila (Assistant Professor of Law) and Member ICC, NLUD, elaborated  on the structure and functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at National Law University Delhi, which caters to complaints of sexual harassment at the campus.


This was followed by the Guest session by Ms. Saumya Beniwal (Founder, Benevo Management Pvt. Ltd, Dehradun). Ms. Beniwal delivered talk on the topic “Women’s Empowerment as a Catalyst for Transformation: Case Studies & Breaking the Myths on Sexual Harassment. She adopted a very different approach in discussing the sexual harassment issue. She picked up very basic instances from ground realities to describe how gender roles are assigned to women and how they play a role in instances of sexual harassment. She further discussed the preconceived perception of people because of which several instances that, prima facie, do not appear to be instances of Sexual Harassment but may actually amount to one. Vishakha guidelines serve as guiding principles in determining what amounts to sexual harassment. Through some engaging and innovative pictorial and Q&A quizzes, she also discussed different responsibilities of a workplace and the rights of the accused and the victim in cases of sexual harassment occurs at the workplace. She further discussed the various options that a sexual harassment victim has, to approach in case such an incident happens.


Concluding Session:

The programme was concluded by a Vote of Thanks by Prof. (Dr.) Ritu Gupta who thanked the team and participates for their presence and participation. She also appreciated Ms. Beniwal’s efforts in adopting the innovative and engaging methods and approach in which the she conducted the session.