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3 Day Workshop on "Designing Programme for Police Officers & Lawyers on handling Women & Girl Victims of Violence" in association with Sheffield Hallan University, U.K, 19-21.09.2016


The Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice (HKC)


The Centre for Criminology & Victimology,

National Law University , Delhi


Designing a training programme for police officers and lawyers in handling women and girl victims of violence

NLU Delhi

19-21st September


The Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice (HKC) delivered an innovative three-day workshop to a group of senior police officers and NGO representatives from across Delhi. The workshop was hosted by the National Law University in Delhi (NLU), who assisted with access to the delegates. Over a course of three-days participants actively engaged in, and contributed to, designing a training programme for police officers and lawyers in handling women and girl victims of violence. The workshop used the method of mind-mapping, focused activities and videos to encourage participants to identify key themes and issues to be included in the training programme.


The workshop was aimed at creating a strong sense of empowerment and ownership to creating a programme on handling women and girl victims of violence. Value was placed on the delegates sharing their work and experiences regarding violence against women and girls. Discussions and contributions by the participants were insightful, critical and demonstrated huge awareness of the challenges of dealing with violence against women and girls. There was commitment to combating these challenges as delegates provided some well-considered solutions, which will be incorporated within the training programme. In addition, the group work activities encouraged positive exchanges between NGOs and police officers, especially concerning sensitive areas pertaining to victims.


The result of the workshop has been a rich tapestry of key information (via the mind mapping) regarding the core themes and issues that the training programme needs to include.  The feedback from delegates wholly stated they felt the workshop had been innovative, engaging, democratic, collaborative, and that they are keen to involved in the next stages of the project.


The next stage of the project will now involve writing the training programme for police officers and lawyers regarding how they can more effectively deal with women and girl victims of violence. The programme will be based on a train the trainer model. HKC will train police officers and lawyers to be trainers of the programme enabling them to have the materials and resources to deliver this to their peers. On-going support to the trainers will be provided via a dedicated website.


We would like to invite 20 police officers working across Delhi to take part in a 5-day training programme at NLU commencing on Monday 7th November 2016. At the end of the course delegates will receive a certificate stating they are an official trainer for the programme. The ideal delegate would be ones who are already trainers or mid-level in their career and seeking to develop their professional skills and knowledge. Career aspirations and a commitment to improving access to justice for women an girls is a key requirement.


This is an innovative programme designed in collaboration with key stakeholders in India as well as international experts working in the field of violence against women and girls. HKC have significant experience and success in delivering high quality programmes, projects and education.