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(Accredited in 'A' grade with a score 3.59 on a four point scale by NAAC) 

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AILET Admissions 2023

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Research Centres

Centre for Business and Financial Laws

Centre for Communication Governance

Centre for Comparative Law

Centre For Corporate Law And Governance

Centre for Constitutional Law, Policy and Governance

Centre for Criminology and Victimology

Centre For Comparative Studies in Personal Laws

Project 39A
Centre for Environmental Law, Policy and Research (CELPR)

Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC)

Centre for Human Rights and Subaltern Studies

Centre for Law, Justice and Development

Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance

Centre for Transnational Commercial Law

Centre for Linguistic Justice and Endangered Languages

Centre for Tax Laws

Centre for Studies in Disability and Law

Centre for Criminal Justice Administration and Human Rights

Centre for Cyber Laws

Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution

Centre for Law & Urban Development

Chair on Consumer Law

Centre for Labour Law Research and Advocacy

Centre for Regulatory Studies

Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Lawyers play an integral part in the social transformation and economic development of a nation. As a premier law school committed to training future generations of lawyers, National Law University, Delhi has endeavoured to provide clinical and interdisciplinary legal education having interface with finance, technology, business and provide necessary skills to students in this regard. Such holistic education along with research capacity building of students at robust research centres in the university prepares students to meaningfully contribute to sustainable development.

Registrar's Message

Registrar's Message

National Law University Delhi, a relatively new law school on the horizon of National law schools in the country, aims to become the nursery for lawyers who play a pivotal role in society. Justice is the fountainhead of any civilised society, and fortunately, our country is rooted in the rule of law. The role lawyers can play in our future, can thus not be over emphasised. At National Law University Delhi, it is our objective to inculcate values such as sympathy, courage, social consciousness, and abilities to analyse, research and the spirit of inquiry. We are blessed with a world-class faculty, and have been constantly working towards building a congenial environment and robust and modern infrastructure, so that we can achieve the objectives.