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Judicial Training of Controllers of Patents: 24-29 September, 2012

Sep 24, 2012

The Second Judicial Training of Controllers of Patent was organized in the National Law University, Delhi from 24-29 September, 2012 in which 39 officers from Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi participated. The trainee officers were given reading material on Constitution, Indian Judicial System, Law Civil Procedure, Administrative Law, Law of Evidence, Interpretation of Statutes, Intellectual Property Right and Competition Policy and Art of Writing Judgments. The topics covered in this training programme are:

  1. Introduction to Legal System
  2. Basic Features of Indian Constitution & Fundamental Rights
  3. Reading & Analyzing Statute
  4. Overview of Civil Justice System, Review & Appeal
  5. Law of Limitation & Stamp Act
  6. Principles of Natural Justice
  7. Right to Information Act
  8. Principles of Administrative Law
  9. Competition Law & Policy vis-a-vis IPR
  10. Law of Evidence & Appreciation of Evidence
  11. Compulsory Licensing & TRIPS
  12. Principles of Interpretation of Statutes
  13. Decision Writing u/s 15 & 25 of the Patents Act 1970
  14. Power of Attorney Act
  15. Specific Relief Act & Assignment
  16. Revocation of Patent & Suits concerning Infringement of Patents

The list of resource persons of this training programme are given below:

  1. Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh, NLUD
  2. Justice S. Ravindra Bhat, Judge, Delhi High Court
  3. Justice S.N. Dhingra, former Judge, Delhi High Court & Member CCI
  4. Prof. Sachidanandam, NLUD
  5. Prof. Avtar Singh
  6. Prof. SKD Rao, NLUD
  7. Prof. J.S. Dahiya, NLUD
  8. Prof. (Dr.) Harpreet Kaur
  9. Mr. R.K. Gauba, District Judge
  10. Dr. Manisha Shridhar
  11. Mr. O.P. Gupta, District Judge
  12. Mr. S.K. Sarvaria, District.