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Martin Luther King Jr. and the Morality of Legal Practice: Lessons in Love and Justice

Nov 05, 2013

Prof. Robert Vischer, Dean and Professor of Law, University of St. Thomas Law School, Minneapolis, USA gave a talk on his book "Martin Luther King Jr. and the Morality of Legal Practice: Lessons in Love and Justice." His talk on November 5, 2013 explored how Martin Luther King Jr., built his advocacy on a coherent set of moral claims regarding the demands of love and justice in light of human nature.

Mr. Rajan Chandy an ardent student of Philosophy who has spent many years studying and learning the works of different Philosophers conducted Lectures on Philosophy from 7th to 18th November at the invitation of NLU Delhi. There were 20 lectures in total and this course was targeting to help students to understand Philosophy and main schools of jurisprudence in a deeper way while reflecting on Justice and Equity. The Course looked at following extracts from some key philosophical texts which have had a tremendous influence on our lives and ideas: Kant's Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals which established a new understanding of Morality, Law, Autonomy and Freedom and was a crucial text of the Enlightenment, Hegel's Phenomenology of Mind which is the most articulate notion of the idea of History, Sartre's Existentialism is a Humanism which argues for a very radical notion of human freedom - authenticity -challenging the way we lead our lives, Nietzsche's aphorisms on European Nihilism, Heidegger's essay on the "Essence of Technology" The Themes of his Lectures were Freedom, Morality and Law, both as they relate to social / historical processes, and to personal lives of people, and was thus designed to awaken a serious interest in “philosophy”. He also dealt with contemporary thinkers like Rawls, Nozick and Amartya Sen.

Prof. Natasha Bakht from the Faculty of law at the University of Ottawa gave a talk in NLU Delhi on November 19, 2013 on the Canadian Supreme Court's decision in R v. NS (2012). The issue in this case was whether a woman testifying in court should be made to remove her niqaab while testifying. Prof. Bakht discussed issues relating to fair trial versus the right to religious freedom, as also the reliability of demeanour evidence in rape cases.

Lynda Collins, Associate Professor of Law, Centre for Environmental and Global Sustainability, University of Ottawa presented a paper at NLU Delhi on November 20, 2013, titled "Security of the Person, Peace of Mind: A Precautionary Approach to Environmental Uncertainty." In her talk, Prof. Collins discussed the impact of psychological integrity and human security in thinking about the precautionary principle in environmental law. 14th Annual Bodh Raj Sawhny Annual
Oration on "The Law and Idea of India" was delivered by Hon'ble Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for HRD on 21 October 2013 on the University campus.