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GCAI's “The Start-Up Mindset” Course Launched For NLUD Students


A short course titled “The Start-Up Mindset” was launched on 12 February, 2022 by the General Counsel Association of India (GCAI) at National Law University Delhi. This course is being offered to the students of NLU Delhi and it seeks to bring a practical perspective into the debates, discussions and considerations behind the start-up mindset.


The course delves deep into the business and financial models of a start-up and explores what it takes to create a sustainable business, including government initiatives, inclusive ecosystem that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, private equity funding etc.


The course is being offered pursuant to an MoU between NLUD and GCAI (26 October 2021 )


The Vice-Chancellor, NLU Delhi, Professor Srikrishna Deva Rao, in his inaugural address, identified the key role of skill-based and practice-oriented learning at law schools.  “Increasingly, the market is demanding practice-ready lawyers who have strong training not only in doctrine but also in practical skills and ethics. Law schools in response to this market pressure are beginning to implement pedagogies that foster a balanced legal training. GCAI’s “The Start-Up Mindset”, is one such course which is expected to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students and add to their skill-set," he said.


GCAI’s founding members, Dr. Akhil Prasad, Ms. Tejal Patil, (also the course coordinator), Dr. Risham Garg, Associate Professor NLUD (course co-coordinator), Ms. Lubinisha Saha, Mr. Ashok Barat introduced the course and extended a warm welcome to the students of the course.