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Announcement of the Constitution Day Essay Competition


The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and University Grants Commission (UGC) at the behest of the Government of India have already announced the year – long Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Indian Constitution by Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). As a part of this celebration, it has been decided to launch a National Campaign focussing on creating awareness regarding a very important feature of the Indian Constitution – the Fundamental Duties. It is in this context, the MHRD and UGC have decided a range of activities to be organised by various Central and State Universities across the country, like Essay Writing Competitions, Moot Court Competitions, Mock Parliaments, Debates etc.



Around 26 State Universities have been identified to coordinate State level campaigns and NLU Delhi has been identified as the National Coordinating University to coordinate the activities and competitions with the other Universities throughout the year.



One of the events in this series is a Monthly National Level Essay Writing Competition that is being conducted by the UGC and National Testing Agency (NTA) focussing on the 11 Fundamental Duties. The third such competition has been announced. 


To participate in this essay competition, click on the link and register for the same. The deadline for registration is 17th Feburary, 2020.