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B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)


The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think — rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men

Bill Beattie


(Session: Aug - Dec, 2017)

1st Year (Semester-I)
S.No. Course Name Name Of Teacher
1. Legal Method Prof. Ranbir Singh /Dr. AmitaPunj / Dr. AnupSurendranath
2. Law of Torts-I Dr. Sushila
3. HLCD (History of Legal & Constitutional Development in India) Prof. K P S Mahalwar/ Dr. Sophy Joseph
4. Political Science-I Dr. Maheshwar Signh
5. English-I Dr. Prasannanshu
2nd Year (Semester-III)
S.No. Course Name Name Of Teacher
1. Law of Contracts-II Dr. Risham Garg / Dr. Prem Chand
2. Family Law-I Dr. Anju Tyagi/Ms. Diksha Munjal
3. Criminal Law-II Dr. Vinod Kumar / Mr. MukulRaizada / Mr. Neeraj Tiwari
4. Economics & Law-I Dr. Suryaprakash Mishra
5. Sociology-I Dr. Ritu Sharma
3rd Year (Semester-V)
S.No. Course Name Name Of Teacher
1. Jurisprudence-I Dr. AmitaPunj / Mr. Daniel Mathew
2. Constitutional Law-I Prof. AnupamaGoel / Dr. Lakhwinder Singh
3. Administrative Law Sh. Syed Iqbal
4. CPC & Law of Limitation Dr. Ruhi Paul/Ms. Monika Negi
5. Law of Evidence Prof. J.s. Dahiya/Dr. Sarita Sangwan
4th Year (Semester-VII)
S.No. Course Name Name Of Teacher
1. Corporate Law-I Prof. Harpreet Kaur/  Dr. Aparajita Bhatt
2. Environmental Law Dr. Bharti Kumar / Dr. Sophy Joseph
3. Intellectual Property Rights Law Dr. Arul Scaria / Mr. Yogesh Pai / Dr. Vishal Mahalwar
4. Banking Law & Negotiable Instruments Prof. Anil Rai/ Dr. Ritu Gupta
5. Seminar Course-I TBD*
5th Year (Semester-IX)
S.No. Course Name Name Of Teacher
1. International Trade Law Ms. PreetiLakhera /Ms. Monika Negi / Mr. Pratyush Kumar
2. Judicial Process & Interpretation of Statutes

Dr.Ritu Gupta / Prof. K P S Mahalwar/

Dr. DikshaMunjal
3. Clinic-III Dr. Anju Tyagi / Mr. Neeraj Tiwari
4. Seminar Course-III TBD*
5. Seminar Course-IV TBD*
First year
S.No. Semester – II Name of the Teacher
1. Law of Contracts – I Dr. Risham Garg
2. Law of Torts – II Dr. Sushila
3. Criminal Law – I Prof. Mrinal Satish / Mr. Mukul Raizada /Sh. Neeraj Tiwari
4. Political Science – II Prof. Maheshwar Singh
5. English – II Prof. Prasannanshu
Second year
S.No. Semester – IV Name of the Teacher
1. Law of Property Dr. Prem Chand
2. Family Law – II Prof. Anju Tyagi / Dr. Dikha Munjal
3. Law and Poverty Dr. Vinod Kumar / Dr. Amita Punj
4. Economics & Law – II Dr. Suryaprakash Mishra
5. Sociology – II Dr. Ritu Sharma
Third year
S.No. Semester – VI Name of the Teacher
1. Jurisprudence – II Dr. Amita Punj / Sh. Daniel Mathew
2. Constitutional Law – II Prof. Anupama Goel / Dr. Anju Puneet Singh
3. Clinic- I (ADR) Dr. Ruhi Paul
4. International Law Dr. Monika Negi
5. Labour Laws Prof. J.S. Mann / Dr. Sophy Joseph
Fourth year
S.No. Semester – VIII Name of the Teacher
1. Corporate Law – II Prof. Harpreet Kaur/ Dr. Aparajita Bhatt
2. Taxation Law Dr. Jasper Vikas / Ms. Preeti Lakhera
3. Cyber Law Dr. Vishal Mahalwar /Dr. Aparajita Bhatt
4. Clinic – II Prof. J.S. Dahiya / Dr. Sarita Sangwan
5. Seminar Course – II TBD*
Fifth year
S.No. Semester – X Name of the Teacher
1. Law of Insurance Prof. Anil Rai
2. Human Rights, International Humanitarian & Refugee Law Prof. Bharti Kumar / Sh. Syed Iqbal
3. Clinic – IV (Court Management & Practical Training) Dr. Bharti Kumar / Dr. Jasper Vikas /Dr. Vishal Mahalwar / Mr. Neeraj Tiwari
4. Seminar Course – V TBD*
5. Seminar Course - VI TBD*