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About Us

NLUD Alumni Committee aims at bringing together its alumni on a single platform so that they can maintain a personal and academic link with their alma mater. This is expected to be a mutually enriching experience for NLUD, its faculty, staff and its erstwhile students. A ‘self-help’ model is sought to be nurtured for supporting the members.

NLUD is a relatively young university, and its alumni body is already 380 strong, and this number is going to increase every year. The present members of the alumni are in fact the pioneers and their role in the progress of NLUD and its activities is going to be invaluable.

NLUDA would hopefully not only play the role of information dissemination, and continued dialogue with the alumni, but also proposes to organize events of interest to the alumni.

The alumni can collectively take up social and philanthropic activities, like instituting scholarships, prizes, and encourage the students to achieve greater heights in other appropriate ways. Further, NLUDA is expected to play an important role in promoting the interaction of the alumni with the present students, so that the present students can benefit from the experiences and support of their seniors.

Other proposed activities of the NLUDA are:
  1. Bringing out a newsletter
  2. Conducting seminars and lectures
  3. Instituting NLUDA Award for outstanding contributions
  4. Maintaining a website
  5. Maintaining the alumni database
  6. Organizing alumni get-togethers and meetings
  7. Organizing family get-togethers and sports events
  8. Organizing felicitation functions for the distinguished alumni awardees